We supply and install air-conditioning units, including basic or micro processor-controlled units, as well as all associated pipework, drainage and electrical supplies. Our services include commissioning, after-sales support and maintenance.

Our cooling solutions include:

  • In-line cooling
  • Down-blow units
  • Comfort units
  • Positive pressure units
  • Humidification


We provide normal and dedicated power reticulation and power conditioning required equipment, so as to ensure consistently reliable and good quality power is available to the computer equipment and support equipment at all times – including:

  • Single and three phase
  • Diesel generators
  • Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
  • Constant voltage transformers


  • Delta
  • Jasco
  • Eaton
  • Meissner
  • APC

The installation of a raised or access floor with variable choice of height and scratch resistant cladding will ensure that the computer room is always kept tidy. With the floor cavity creating a space for cable trays bearing power and data cables, as well as providing a void for conditioned air which can be directed via vented or perforated floor panels as required in the computer room including:

  • Access ramps (fixed and portable)
  • Stair wells
  • Access holes
  • Floor panel lifters
  • Floor dampers


Fabrication of server or network rooms – whilst considering best practice for future growth, security levels and fire rating. Including a choice of product required for walls, doors, ceilings and final finishes.

  • Brick works
  • Fire-rated dry wall and doors
  • Ceilings