Mark Cheketri explained the working relationship between CSi Thabile and Group Five. “We have worked with Group Five on various projects, and on a site like this, we find that the team understands each other and everyone knows what the expectations are. We respect each other’s space because we know that there is a deadline on the contractor from the developer and an expectation on us to deliver. We don’t ever want to be the part that causes any of the other disciplines to fail. After so many years in the industry, we believe that consultants, developers and end users are confident that we will always do our best to meet their deadlines”.


Mark Cheketri continued to explain the importance of consistency. “We have been in existence since 1981, and we have staff members that go back more than 40 years with us. The IT industry is small and everyone knows everyone. We find that service is the name of the game. You have to deliver at both the big jobs and the small jobs. You can’t always expect the client to only give you the big jobs. We have to be as enthusiastic about an order for R 100 as we are for a R10 million rand order”.

“Too many companies in the IT industry only go for the big jobs and their after sale service does not exist. We try hard to retain our customers by giving them the service that they deserve. We also have our fair share of challenges but it’s about how you resolve them that is more important, even if there is an associated cost.